The Founder

I want to start a conversation about beauty. I want to talk about beauty as a superpower.

Too often this power is dismissed or stifled by the dark side of beauty, insecurity, and judgement.


 I created Ananda products so that they are not only effective, but aligned with my other values of being toxin-tree, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. I also valued creating a line that is beautiful, inspiring, and enjoyable to use. 

I believe that changing something you do everyday (rituals!) can be the key to changing your life.

believe that toxic chemicals often found in commercial mass-produced products often cause more harm than good to our bodies and Mother Earth.

I believe that how we treat Mother Earth is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

I believe that the more we learn to love ourselves, the better we take care of ourselves, others and Mother Earth.

I believe that our emotions and traumas can show up physically on our skin or in our body.

 I believe that true beauty is beyond the beauty of external forms. Where there is beauty there is an inner essence that shines through.


I believe that when a woman (or man!) feels beautiful it radiates from the inside out and this can be used as a superpower.

May we all ignite our inner radiance! 


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